Baccalaureate Sunday

The baccalaureate service for Conneaut Valley high school graduating class of 1953 was held at Mason Hall Sunday evening, May 17 with the following program:

  • Processional,  “Largo”  Handel, by Judith Zacks
  • Prayer, Rev. Fr. Francis S. Franklin
  • Mixed Ensemble, “You Will Never Walk Alone”, Rogers
  • Scripture Reading, Rev. Fr. Francis S. Franklin
  • Baccalaureate Address, Rabbi Randall M. Falk
  • Benediction, Rev. Fr. Francis S. Franklin
  • Reccesional, “Largo” Handle, by Judith Zacks



Commencement exercises for Conneaut Valley Joint high school, class of 1953 was held at Mason Hall on Thursday, May 21 at 8:00 pm.  The program was as follows:

  • Processional, “Pomp and Circumstance” by Elgar Band
  • Invocation, Rev. Willard L. Marsteller
  • Salutatory address, “Individual Contributions Toward Peace” Judith Zacks
  • Clarinet Solos, “La Cuarach”,” Finiculi Finicula”, Luigi Denza and Sally Miller
  • Vocal Trio,  “Pagan Love Song” by N. Brown, Joan Bleicher, Dorothy Meissner and Wanda Rumsey.
  • Valedictory Address, “Community Contributions Toward Peace”, Yvonne Smith by Ted Mesand Band
  • Presentation of Senior Awards,  Homer Nelson, high school principal
  • Presentatin of Senior Class, Chester B. Lingo, supervising principal
  • Awarding of Diplomas,  Howard N. Burkholder, president of the joint board.
  • Benediction, Rev. Willard L. Marsteller.
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