The first Conneautville High School Alumni Banquet was held in 1895 when a group of graduates met and elected Prof. E.T. Mason (Class of 1880) President; Miss Frances Robinson (Class of 1880) Secretary; and Curtis L Webb (Class of 1885) Treasurer.  The first informal reception was held at the Power House Hotel with nearly half of the one hundred graduates of the school present.  The banquet has been held annually from the original date with the invitation to all that had graduated from Conneautville High School.  Over the years, graduates donated money and time to better the school in Conneautville.

By 1954, it was felt necessary to join several small schools into what we now know today as Conneaut Valley Elementary School and Conneaut Valley High School.   The alumni association continued and evolved into the Conneaut Valley High School Alumni Association.

The present day Conneaut Valley Alumni Association's main goal is to continue with the annual alumni banquet begun so many years ago.  In addition to the banquet, the association also delegates alumni-donated money to qualifying seniors from Conneaut Valley High School to further their education.  Finally, the association attempts to preserve historical information regarding Conneautville High School and Conneaut Valley High School for our posterity.

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