It is with a very warm heart that the Association honors Mrs. Arlene Barnes (1923).  Without her, we would not have an Alumni Association.  In 1929, the Association treasury was wiped out.  Mrs. Barnes organized garden parties, card parties, scrap drives, and bake sales.  They sold hamburgers, hot dogs, raffle tickets and all sorts of things in order to put the alumni banquet on during the war years.  They truly held this organization together by the skin of her teeth.  Thank you, Mrs. Barnes.



In 2013, we lost Vicki Casbohm, who served as the Secretary of the Alumni Association for 16 years.  She was a huge help to the Association and we will miss her greatly.  Thank you, Vicki.



In 2018 we lost June Sowry.  June, like her mother Arlene Barnes, was a huge supporter of the Alumni Association through the years.  As a long-time employee of the Conneaut School District, she also impacted many of our youth in a very positive way.  We miss her.  Thank you, June.


June Sowry



In 2019, Mr. Bill Allen passed away.  Mr. Allen's generosity in funding a long-time scholarship has helped many of our graduating seniors with their college costs.  We thank you, Mr. Allen.


Bill Allen

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